2021 Winners

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Community, Educator and Programme Awards

Educator of the Year Award – Dave Liow – Australia

Dave has a long history of presenting, and educating trainers. He has done extremely well to maintain online education that is engaging, he involved the trainees, and it felt just like an in-person session. He clearly identifies and understands their purpose, strengths, and challenges and has plans in place to make these changes take effect.

Programme Excellence Award – She Moves Fitness Collective – Morrinsville

She Moves Fitness collective are a highly qualified & proficient team with a fantastic entry showing how the programme works and a significant amount of testimonials from clients. They really go above and beyond to humanise their online experience, and to connect the community on their social media group.

Community Instructor of the Year Award – Suli Tuitaupe – Christchurch

Suli’s class video exemplified his spirit and energy even though teaching virtually. His entry showed a concerted effort put into connecting with his audience through the screen, making them feel like they are right there with him in real life.  

Community Contribution Award – She Moves Fitness Collective – Morrinsville

The team at She Moves Fitness Collective provides a world-class quality programme with oodles of variety, that is making a difference to their community. Their energetic and informative entry showed how engaging their programme is and showed throngs of feedback from their clients reinforcing the value they provide to the group.

Special Awards

Exercise New Zealand Award – Richard Beddie – Christchurch

Over the last 12 months, this person has led our entire country through what can only be described as the most arduous, challenging, difficult year in the history of the exercise industry. He has navigated and guided our industry through significantly extended lockdowns, extreme levels of uncertainty, mentally and emotionally exhausting periods for our country, for our people.  Through an unwavering sense of urgency, he has led his team to respond immediately to the woes that our people have experienced over the last 12 months. Ever present, engaged and always with the single thought of getting clubs open and keeping the exercise industry here in NZ Aotearoa strong. He has enabled the exercise industry to truly come together as one, building upon the great relationships he had forged over the many years as he has contributed to our industry on so many different levels.  To begin to list what he has done this year would be almost impossible because of its length. So instead, I offer three words that we believe embody the recipient of this award.  Kaitiakitanga: He has at all times offered guardianship and protection to the exercise industry. Whakawhanaungatanga: The process of establishing relationships. Our recipient not only continued to uphold and honour the relationships within the exercise industry, he also forged new relationships with Government and Government Departments to safeguard exercise in New Zealand, Aotearoa. Manaakitanga – His expression of kindness and respect for all, showing at all times his ability to hold the responsibility of our industry whilst ensuring reciprocity across all stakeholders in our industry and outside of it.


Skills Active  – Manukura Award – Nicola Williams – Auckland

The winner of our Manukura award is someone who’s achieving great things with the support of her peers. She has a steadfast commitment to supporting learning and development for her fellow fitness professionals through assessment, mentoring, study sessions, and much more. She’s a leader in her field of practice, and we commend her for helping to grow the qualified exercise workforce.


Skills Active  – Te Its Kahurangi Award – BBM Motivation – Auckland

The winner of our Te iti Kahurangi award is an organisation that many of you will have heard about or seen in the news for the incredible work they are doing not just in terms of exercise but also in supporting the community through the hardships of COVID.  This award recognises their commitment to providing training and development for their team of talented exercise professionals, through the medium of industry training. We’re so grateful for the positive work they are doing with their staff, and like Nikki growing the qualified exercise workforce, so that more people can experience the huge benefits of fitness, physical activity, and improved health.

Yoga New Zealand Award – Dr Felicity Molloy – Auckland

Their tireless dedication in supporting Yoga New Zealand in so many ways, too many to mention but, in particular, their understanding and development of best practices for Yoga Teacher education, competencies, assessment, and training processes and procedures. – and for their lively intellect and insights!

Individual Award Categories

Group Exercise Instructor of the Year – Own Choreography – Suli Tuitaupe – Christchurch

It takes experience and skill to create and deliver your own choreography.  Judges commented on the high quality of skill shown with cueing, communication and movement skills.    A feel good vibrant scene was set for FUN.   


Group Exercise Instructor of the Year – Pre-Choreographed -Tamati Wairepo – Christchurch

The  JUDGES commented on Tamati’s impressive communication skills , movement execution and superb motivation.  A confident performance with authenticity.


Group Exercise Instructor of the Year – Pre-Choreographed Runner Up -Marsha Rogers, Richmond

Marsha has a strong personality and is an excellent role model.   She rose to the challenge of presenting on-line like a true exercise professional.


Yoga Teacher of the Year – Zuri Brudenell – Paraparaumu

With a huge scope across many class styles not just yoga; Zuri clearly displays a passion for yoga and connecting with participants for a deep and meaningful practice. Her entry showed honest energy, compassion and enthusiasm for her role in impacting on others lives.


Group Trainer Award – Kaori Hughes – Christchurch

Kaori presented exceptionally well in her video presentations and showed great client focus, dedication and a good energy. She has an excellent system for introducing new clients to group classes and supporting them. Kaori isn’t just about her groups; she is very active within her club community. Kaori continues to upskill enhancing her own personal and professional self


Student of the Year – Nina MacKay – Waikato Institute of  Technology – Hamilton

Nina displayed attitude, knowledge and professionalism beyond her years, in her video entry Nina explained, demonstrated then cued while being energetic and created a fun atmosphere. Nina will be a force to watch over the next few years, a trainer with huge potential


Outstanding Support Award – Esther Williams – Auckland

Clearly passionate about the organisation they work with, Ester exemplifies an attitude to go the extra mile. Easily describes her strengths & challenges and has a plan to overcome these. Her entry oozed passion and integrity for the position she holds in the industry.


Outstanding Leadership Award – Jodie Preston – Auckland

Jodie clearly identifies her purpose, describing with ease how she leads within her role and the impact that has not only on the organisation but on the industry through the clubs members. Her entry submission really spoke from the heart, the strong connection she has with her team, which also shows the impact her leadership has made in building such a strong team. 


Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year – Kathryn Roma – Hastings

It was very obvious from the early stages of judging that Kathryn knew her stuff and loved what she was doing. Kathryn had great energy and showed that she had a good rapport with her clients , she had  great allocation of time each week to clients/administration and professional development. She portrayed a fun, positive environment and had good clarity on her future direction.


Personal Trainer of the Year  – Nadine Amsler – Bay of Islands

Nadine has energy, enthusiasm, drive and clear sight on the bigger picture, developing a great business model while supporting others trainers through mentoring. She is involved with fundraising and community and youth initiatives.  Her entry showed she had the skills required to a be hands on trainer.  When working with clients she reviews, adjusts and matches session intensity based on clients feedback at the beginning of the session. Nadine uses a number of methods to ensure she is looking after not just the physical but all aspects of her clients health and wellness.

Facility Awards

Studio of the Year – Adapted Yoga and Pilates – Christchurch

The 3 words that came to mind from the judges when they reflect on this winner were, Systems, Rapport and Support.  Jeremy and Reecca always greet their clients with a smile (well we assume it’s a smile under the masks we are all wearing these days!)  and their studios are all about systems to ensure consistency,  and support for their customers and team.   While  guiding and challenging their team,  they  prefer consistency over perfection.  They have an eye not only on the numbers but also the customers, they have high retention, and a caring attitude so it is no surprise that they also impressed our judges with their entry.


Franchise Facility of the Year – Anytime Fitness Cashmere – Christchurch

The anytime fitness cashmere team has their finger on the pulse. The judges were impressed that they monitor a range of KPI on a daily basis.  They have a good community focus both for customers and staff. Their ‘People first’ attitude shows through the interactions that our judging panel experienced with their team.


Independent Facility of the Year – IHF Health Club – Christchurch

IHF Health is at the pinnacle of high end facilities!  They have all the things you expect equipment wise – plus some new and innovative exercise platforms, then there are the towels, A members lounge – with food, saunas and plunge pool –  all right in the heart of central Christchurch.  Not only do they have an AMAZING customer experience, but they also take care of their team – which is just as important.  The facility shows, through its HR model, that they strive to enable the job of a Personal Trainer to be a morale boosting experience, rather than a competition for customers.

Chain Facility of the Year – Cityfitness Newmarket – Auckland

Cityfitness Newmarket  prides itself in customer service – it has clear communication pathways set out for new and existing customers. It follows its group’s systematised approach to operating and clearly excels at it.The club said that they want everyone to feel welcome when they enter – based on customers feedback it appears that they are achieving that warm welcoming environment.  The judges noted the Net Promoter Score, backed up by near unanimous positive comments from the customer feedback was what tipped the scales. For those of you who are interested this club’s NPS score was above 90! This is exceptional of in terms of a large exercise facility.


Supreme Facility Award – IHF Health Club – Christchurch

The judges comments above for their category comments are backed up with a montage of photos verified as being “real” by our mystery shoppers.   Take a virtual look at this facility by watching this videoThese pictures speak for themselves really don’t they. The spacious environment, and additional touches alongside  their innovative technology based offerings set them apart.