2017 Award Categories (ARCHIVED)

Below is a brief explanation for each award category, with categories for individuals, facilities and programmes reflecting the diversity of the exercise industry.  Each year there is a review of the entry categories and category descriptions to ensure they are relevant so even if you have entered before make them time to take a good look through all sections.

Our Facilities categories have undergone a makeover for 2017, we have included extra guidance on these categories as well answers to other common questions on our FAQ page.

For further information or clarification on any category you are welcome to contact us at awards@exerciseindustryawards.co.nz or call 0800 66 88 11.

Note: Entrants may engage in business activities across several categories but any application must focus on the component relevant to the specific category entered.

2017 Exercise Awards Categories

OPERATORS / FACILITIES  Facility must be REPs Registered to be considered for these categories.
Chain/ Group For facilities that are part of a larger chain or group, with senior management onsite and central systems and support.
Franchise For facilities where operation is part of franchise operation where senior management and business control is set from a head office and/or central support structure
Independant For facilities that are stand-alone businesses with no external support from a related group or chain that operate businesses under the same/similar name.
Studio Facility For  studios, specialist facilities or businesses with fewer than 300 members/ regular clients at the time of entry.  Mind/body studios are included in this category.
INDIVIDUALS * indicates that entrant must be REPs Registered at the appropriate level to be considered for this category.
Group Exercise:
Pre-choreographed  *
Open to any group exercise instructor teaching any style of group exercise that is pre-choreographed (i.e. the majority of the choreography is pre-set by someone other than the instructor).  Note: Can include mind-body classes.
Group Exercise:
Own-choreography *
Open to any group exercise instructors teaching freestyle group exercise classes (i.e. they are responsible for the structure and choreography of the classes). Note: Freestyle mind-body classes have their own category.
Group Exercise: Mind/Body Instructor Open to any instructor/teacher of a mind-body class style, that is choreographed (in the most part) by the instructor/teacher. Category includes Yoga and Pilates, but can be any class style that incorporates extensive principles of mind-body. The underpinning holistic philosophy of the class will be taken into account when judging this category.
Small Group Trainer  * Open to any instructor providing small group training of approx 4-12 clients in a session. (Small Group Training involves a small group following a set series of activities and a structured programme e.g. “boot camp” lead by an instructor.)

Finalists in this category must be able to attend the Live Judging event on Friday 24th November 2017 at AUT Campus in Auckland.

#You may also wish to look at our Programme Excellence category

Up and Coming Personal Trainer  * Open to any personal trainer who has been working as a PT (either as a contractor or an employee) for less than two years at the time of application.

Finalists in this category must be able to attend the Live Judging event on Friday 24th November 2017 at AUT Campus in Auckland.

Personal Trainer  * Open to any personal trainer (either as a contractor or an employee) operating in New Zealand.

Finalists in this category must be able to attend the Live Judging event on Friday 24th November 2017 at AUT Campus in Auckland.

Educator Open to any person who supports exercise professionals in New Zealand in either a lecturing, training, mentoring or presenting role.  If their primary role in NZ is as an exercise professional they must be REPs registered.
Student This category is by nomination only (by the REPs Registered Education Provider). The student must be studying (full or part time) on a REPs registered course within the award year. Finalists in this category must be able to attend the Live Judging event on Friday 24th November 2017 at AUT Campus in Auckland. Once a nomination is received from their institution an entry is required with information from both the student and nominator.
Outstanding Support  Open to any individual working in a support role in an organisation or facility. If entrant is working at an exercise facility it must be REPs registered. Can be in any employed or contracted role (eg; sales and customer service, gym instructor, administration, club manager) but they must work a minimum of 20 hours a week in their role.
People’s Choice Award  * Open to any REPs registered instructor (e.g. PT, Gym Instructor, Group Exercise, Yoga etc.). Unlike all other categories there is no formal judging process, there are two stages for this category;  an initial nomination phase, and a voting phase. The top nominated persons are listed, and the public get to vote.
Other Categories * indicates that registration may be required depending on the content of the entry – Judges will advise of  these requirements. 
Programme Excellence * Open to any individual or organisation delivering a programme involving exercise, nutrition or other lifestyle interventions for a specified time period. Evidence will be required for outcomes relating to programme success.
Exercise Innovation * Open to any individual or organisation that has implemented a particularly innovative initiative involving exercise. It can be in any area, or any type of idea, the key essential element is that it is either a totally new innovative idea, or adds a uniquely new innovation into an existing concept.  In either case, the innovation should result in significant change/improvement. Entrants in this category must be able to demonstrate, via measurable metrics, the objectives and results of the innovation.
Community Excellence Open to any individual or organisation offering exercise at low or no cost to the wider community.  The emphasis here is that exercise participation is encouraged in a population that would normally find such exercise difficult to access. It must have been operating a minimum of 12 months and have statistics to support participation levels. Entry is free to enter this category.
#You may also wish to look at our Exercise Innovation category.
 Special Awards These Awards are chosen by the organisation (Skills Active, ExerciseNZ or REPs) to recognise individuals or organisations who have shown exceptional contribution to the area of the award.
REPs Award

The REPs award is presented to a role model that reflects the ethics and values of exercise professionals/facilities in New Zealand. – Chosen by the REPs board.

ExerciseNZ Award –
for outstanding contribution to the industry 

Open to any individual, recognising their outstanding contribution to the industry over many years. Chosen by the Exercise Association of NZ board.

Skills Active –
for contribution to workplace education 
Open to any fitness enterprise working with Skills Active. The Awards will recognise the organisation / individual who best demonstrates a commitment to quality training and the systematic up-skilling of staff to drive professionalism within the industry. All finalists are nominated by Skills Active staff and the winner is selected by the Skills Active Senior Management Team.