Individual Entry

Individual Judging Process
Individual Judging Process


While the New Zealand and International judges are kept confidential, the process of judging is explained below.

Entrants who have fulfilled all the required criteria in Stage One will be shortlisted and asked to proceed to Stage Two of the awards process. In Stage Two entrants are asked to answer a series of questions on our website and then send in a short video (not subject to every category).

The judging process may include mystery shopping which could come in the form of an in person visit, a phone call or email enquiry. The judges may also personally attend a class or session presented by an entrant and contact one or more of the references they have given.

Live Assessment

In 2014 for the first time, winners in five of the individual categories (Personal Trainer, Up and Coming Personal Trainer, Small Group Trainer, Gym Instructor and Student) were determined at finalist stage by a ‘live assessment’ session on the Friday before the awards ceremony in November. This will again be the procedure in 2015 as judges found that being able to assess these categories in a live situation and in collaboration with each other increased the transparency and robustness of the judging process.

What if a judge knows one of the entrants?

In the event of any conflict of interest involving applications and judges this is declared to the judging panel and that judge abstains from making decisions related to that particular application.

Will I get feedback on my application?

Whilst individual written feedback is not possible to entrants if the judging panel feels there are themes that can be highlighted to all entrants this will be communicated to them.

Entered your club into the Small, Medium or Large Facility Categories?
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