Key Changes

As our industry evolves so too does the categories judged at the Exercise Industry Awards.

The key category changes to the 2016 & 2017 awards are listed below, for a full list of the categories in the 2017 awards please click here.

  • All Facility awards have changed, they are no longer based solely on the size of the facility. Click here for more details
  • The individual gym instructor category is now included in Outstanding Club Support.
  • We have introduced a new category called Programme Excellence.
  • The Initiative category has reverted to its previous name Innovation Award.
  • A requirement of the Mind/Body category is that the classes are of their own choreography. All instructors who teach pre-choeographed mind/body classes are to enter the Group Exercise :Pre-Choreographed category.
  • The Educator category now includes individuals not necessarily based in New Zealand but who have nevertheless made a significant impact on the New Zealand Exercise Industry.
  • Criteria for the Community Excellence Award includes that the programme or initiative must have been operating for at least 24 months.
  • The Community Excellence category can only be awarded to a programme or innivoation ONCE.  This means it can not be recognised at different clubs in a chain, nor at its original club within 5 years of entry.  If the program or inititative changes in a significant manner it may be considered for an award.