Suggestions for Special Awards

Special Awards

There are three special award categories that are invite only (ie there is no formal application process).  These are:

  1. Skills Active Award for Recognising Exceptional Commitment to on Job Training and Development of Staff
  2. ExerciseNZ Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry
  3. Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) Award for Contribution to Professionalism and Standards

All of the above awards are for individuals, either based at a facility or in their own right.  REPs also accepts nominations for organisations.

There are no set criteria for each of these special awards, but rather they are chosen by the organisation (Skills Active, ExerciseNZ or REPs) to recognise individuals who have shown exceptional commitment in the area of the award.

To suggest an individual that you think should be considered for such an award, please email and make sure you include:

  • The name, phone number and email address of the person you are nominating
  • The organisation’s Awards (Skills Active, REPs or ExerciseNZ) you are nominating the person for
  • The reasoning for the nomination

Important: Please do NOT use this medium to ask questions about any award (including these).  Any forms are simply passed on to the relevant organisation, no correspondence is entered into.