2015 Feedback From Judges

Feedback  from Judges

“The number and the quality of entries was once again very high this year, particularly in the categories of PT, UCPT and Pre-Choreographed Group Exercise, making the judges job an extremely difficult one.

As a further contribution to the process this year we asked each entrant to supply the names of up to four people we could contact to provide us with written feedback, over 100 of these testimonials were received from the following categories: PT, UCPT, Gym Instructor, Small Group Trainer, Outstanding Club Support.

Unsurprisingly the feedback is of a very positive nature, and makes for heart-warming and inspiring reading. We strongly recommend that each entrant in the above categories ask their references (we contacted between one and three references per entrant) if they did in fact provide such a testimonial and would they mind passing it onto you directly.”

Two Minute Video (PT, UCPT, Gym Instructor, Small Group Trainer, Group Exercise)

First of all, and as obvious as it may seem, the expectation was that the entrant would adhere to the ‘no longer than 2 minutes’ instruction and that the video was clearly audible.

Secondly, whilst the answers given were a key factor, the judges also took into account how well the entrant had used this opportunity to present themselves in the best possible light and in fact ‘sell’ themselves to the judges. This included the location they used and their personal appearance, i.e. their uniform, branding etc.

Neither of these factors required an all ‘singing and dancing’ production but it was clear to the judges which entrants recognise the importance of digital media to the industry and the world at large in terms of the thought and extra effort they had put into their presentation.

Finally, the judges were assessing the rapport factors so crucial to a successful exercise professional. Did their unique personality shine through? Were they engaging and genuine?